Conditions We Treat:

·         Achilles Tendon Problems

·         Posterior Tibial Tendon Problems

·         Peroneal Tendon Problems

·         Nerve Problems

·         Ankle Instability

·         Osteochondral lesions

·         Ankle Arthritis

·         Problems of the Big Toe

·         Problem of the Lesser Toes

·         Heel Pain

·         Flat Feet

·         High Arch or  Cavus Foot

·         Rheumatoid  Foot

·         Diabetic  Foot

·         Trauma


Treatments We Offer:

Tendon Repair

Dr.Movahedi performs tendon repairs for acute tendon ruptures.

Tendon Graft

Dr.Movahedi performs tendon grafts to help repair an Achilles tendon rupture.

Tendon Transfer

Dr.Movahedi performs tendon transfer for chronic and degenerative tendon ruptures, foot deformities and peroneal nerve palsy.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Dr.Movahedi performs ankle arthroscopy to help patient suffering with ankle pain due to trauma or injury to the ankle.

Ligamentous repair

Dr.Movahedi performs ligamentous repair for recurrent ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability.

Cartilage Repair

Dr.Movahedi performs cartilage repair through the ankle arthroscopy.

Cartilage Transplant

Dr.Movahedi performs cartilage transplant for large cartilage defects.

Ankle Fusion

Dr.Movahedi performs Ankle fusion for severe ankle arthritis.

Total Ankle Replacement

Dr.Movahedi performs Total Ankle Replacement for severe ankle arthritis.


Dr.Movahedi performs bunionectomy thorough Open or Minimal Invasive Surgery.

Hammer Toe Correction

Dr.Movahedi performs hammer toe correction, improving alignment and function, to help relieve the pain associated with having a hammer toe.

Flat Foot Reconstruction

Dr.Movahedi performs flat foot reconstruction thorough Open or Minimal Invasive Surgery.

Cavus Foot Reconstruction

Dr.Movahedi has been specialized in the treatment of cavus foot or high arch foot offering cavus foot reconstruction.

Foot Fusion

Dr.Movahedi performs foot fusions for foot conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Charcot Reconstruction

Dr.Movahedi performs foot and ankle reconstructions for diabetic patients to help them with their foot deformities that can result from severe diabetes.

Fracture Repair

Dr.Movahedi performs non-surgical and surgical treatment for fracture repair.