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Dr. Movahedi offers pioneering surgical treatments for routine and complex foot & ankle injuries.


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Foot & Ankle Minimal Invasive Surgery ( MIS )
Management of traumatic injuries
Management of sport injuries
Correction of deformities
Cosmetic foot surgery
Joint replacement


How to treat chronic ankle sprain?

Updates about ankle sprain


تکنیک جدید  دکتر موحدی در انجمن جراحان پا و مچ پا آمریکا مورد قبول واقع شد و در مجله بین المللی جراحی پا و مچ پا چاپ گردید
Foot & Ankle International Journal, February 9, 2016


Triple Tendon Transfer for Correction of foot deformity in Common Peroneal Nerve Palsy
 “Movahedi Tendon Transfer”  has been approved by American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society and has been published in Foot & Ankle International Journal.
Foot & Ankle International February 9, 2016